The Benefits of Allergen Resistant Tencel

The Benefits of Allergen Resistant Tencel

Is There Such a Thing Allergy Resistant Sheets?

When we were designing our Degree 6Q Supima Cotton Quilted set, we knew that Tencel would make the perfect addition to our formula. The Degree 6Q sheets are made of 70% Tencel 30% SUPIMA® cotton (100% Certified American Pima cotton, one of the rarest and finest of all cottons). The top sheet is quilted for those nights “When a Blanket is Too Much, and a Sheet is Not Quite Enough” and the Tencel blend is perfect for the luxury dreamer who needs warmth yet desires a breathable, lightweight product.

With a temperature regulation system, Tencel sheets also feature an ultra-smooth feel and superior moisture absorption, making them ideal for those with sensitive skin. The top sheet of the Degree 6Q sheet set is quilted for year-round comfort and both sheets provide a unique blend of extremely durable silky softness and breathability.

We love the eco-friendly qualities of Tencel and the research showing that it is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and cooler than linen. We are proud of the chemical free process and the proven test results showing it reduces bacteria growth. And who wouldn’t love the statistic that Tencel absorbs moisture 50% more than cotton thus providing an effective allergen fighting environment?

What is it that Makes a Piece of Fabric Allergen Resistant Exactly?

According to The Allergy Consumer Review, “fabric must be able to either resist allergens or withstand the frequent washings necessary to remove them.” Specifically, that leaves your options limited. The Allergy Consumer Review “recommend cotton, organic cotton, bamboo or a tencel fabric for great feeling sheets that will launder well.”

If you have allergies, then you’ve probably also had many sleepless nights wrestling in your bed, wishing you could find relief and rest. Unfortunately, crawling into your bed for some allergy downtime may be the wrong move. That is, if you don’t have hypoallergenic bedding. Unlike ordinary bedding, allergy bedding is specially designed (generally with a tighter fabric weave like tencel and bamboo) to be allergen-resistant, particularly to dust mites. Dust mites rank at the top of the list for allergen triggers in bedrooms.

As Answers for Allergies notes, “Tencel® is the perfect fabric for allergy sufferers or those with sensitive skin. Soft as silk, strong as polyester, cool as linen, warm as wool and as absorbent as cotton – simply put, Tencel… creates a barrier between you and the allergens that naturally build up in your bed and bedding. “

We all can’t be textile scientists or ecological activists scouring the world for the newest and safest elements in the world. However, if you just stick with us here at DreamFit, we can promise to do the research for you so you can sleep soundly knowing that you are surrounded by softness, environmentally protective ingredients, and safe, beautiful, luxurious comfort.


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