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Dream Fit

DreamFit sheets were created to solve a very simple problem: sheets that don’t fit or stay on today’s thicker, more conforming mattresses. The fact is, mattresses have evolved over the years, but sheets really haven’t. Most are still designed to fit thin, firm mattresses. This challenged our CEO, Jerry Wootten, to create sheets and mattress protectors that are Guaranteed to Fit, and Guaranteed to Stay On.

All DreamFit sheets and mattress protectors are luxury sized to provide a comfortable and conforming fit regardless of the thickness or flexibility of the mattress. As a result, DreamFit sheets and mattress protectors set a new benchmark in the linen industry, with an emphasis on quality, innovation, and relevant differentiation. The patented DreamFlex corner bands insure that the fitted sheet will never pop off the corners of today’s mattresses.

By the way, DreamFit believes in keeping America in business. So, when it is possible and prudent, we construct DreamFit sheets in America.

DreamFit products are manufactured by:
Homtex, Inc.
2125 2nd Avenue SW
Cullman, AL 35055


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